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Joy&Fortune一Professional Sanitary Ware Manufacturer

Established in 1992, Joy & Fortune(also named “Jiafeng”n Chinese) was known as 2ndCeramic Factory and had been the contracted tableware supplier for prestigious hotels in Shanghai before 2000. Since 1998, Jiafeng set up export business and became the contracted ceramic souvenir manufacturer for the world's most famous cartoon company.In the year 2005, Jiafeng expanded to ceramic sanitary ware manufacturing. Nowadays,Jiafeng stands out in the industry for:

>Over 20,000m' premises and month production 25,000+ pieces of ceramic sanitary ware;
>“PremiGlaze”formula upgrading the glaze in smoothness and brightness;
>6,000m' bathroom furniture premises since 2009 entirely for export;
>More than 10 years international brand OEM experience;
>Long term regular business bonds with overseas market e.g. UK,France & Australia;
>Management team led by ex-consultant from SIEMENS & Philips.
As a leading in local sanitary industry, Jiafeng adheres to the strategic goal "TO BE TOP-QUALITY MANUFACTURER"
and the focus on serving clients from all over the world. With our solid vision and excellent
management,Jiafeng will firmly stand on top of the industry.

Personality Joy&Fortune


  • 40 years of experience.
  • Commitment to the environment.
  • Commercial assistance.
  • Export department.
  • I + D Product development.
  • Made in Spain.


  • Human team of +100 people.
  • New lacquering plant
  • Technological innovation.
  • Upgrades in logistics and packaging
  • Permanent stock.
  • Capacity 800 pieces / day.


  • Continuous inprovement of production line
  • ISO Certifications department.
  • Fairs & Showroom.
  • Marketing departement.
  • Set & recording studio.
  • Advertising and communication media.

Quality and service


#06 Bldg B1,Yingke Yijia Ceramic Sanitary Ware,Jihua 4th Road,Foshan,PRC.